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Nightfire PC maps

dm SACCC part A

 this level map is based off of a real place in real life for the info of the place I cannot tell for safety reasons only the people who go there or have gone well now about it.

 it is still a good map and is quite big and have to make it into three parts part A part B and part C. it took me three months to create this map this giant three-part map before I could finish it fix some of the problems my computer crash and lost most of my progress. however I was able to save the map file, so this is what's left it is still playable.

 dm SACCC part B


 dm SACCC part C


   dm testing models    -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------


------------------------^JamesBond 007

 this is a small map at the time I was experimenting with models and how they work the structure of the level I consider art. the level is not messed up at the way it's it's like a 3-D maze is great for dropping down grenades. I was also experimenting with sounds and music I put a couple of songs into the level you can activate it by using the use key.  one of the songs is smooth criminal by Michael Jackson that means i did not make song.



this is my first capture the flag level. it is pretty much the same all I did was copy the original level and paste it into a different texture to the art both sides are almost the same it has everything the original DM level had.



 dm_lava room brakes

this is my first map so don't expect much because this was before I knew how to make lights for the level so it might be a little bright      



this is based off of the movie Predator I made this level when the new movie Predators came out in 2010 although all that relates to it is the images because it's the first time for me adding my own pictures to a level. the way that removes is by using the training function, basically you touch a picture or a poster of predator on one of the walls and predator starts to move and you hear the predators battle cry if you're in its way and you get hit by instant death also watch out for the red beam.




this level I am particularly proud of because this level is based off of a project I did for school in art class. I had to make a 3-D model of any kind of building I wanted to make up. it has new textures and new music. the music is from soul caliber 3 soundtrack.




 this is a small map that i made. it has something unique about it, unlike all the other maps this map you can make your own path by destroying the walls and some of the ceiling but be careful or you might go through the ceiling there are five layers of dirt. You will have to use jumping and ducking to get around in the dirt. this map has almost all the guns and except for dart gun. but then again that gun is only used in water levels.



   ctf_c_bht_final                           ctf_c_bht_co_op_mission_mode

this level I am particularly proud of because this is another 3-D model project I did in high school and I turned it into a level. at the time making the map I discovered how to put in computer bots from the first player campaign into my level. so I decided to make two versions one [capture the flag] and a [capture the flag co-op mission mode] this map also has music in it that you can activate inside the level.

[capture the flag co-op mission mode]  this map versions has a lot of briefcases that will shoot at you and a lot of Phoenix soldiers it also has a helicopter and 2 ninjas that you well have to watch out for.

this level also has a 3-D model of [my red Lenovo Think Pad edge Computer] inside the level.



 dm_eon_combat_training map pack dm and ctf in it!!!

this map is an exact replica of [combat training] which was a extra level in the James Bond Everything or Nothing game on GameCube. I originally made this for counter strike and counter strike condition zero but then after making the level for the two games, I found out I could convert it into a Nightfire PC map which was really easy since they both have the same format I basically made it in the Valve Hammer Editor and then opened it in Gearcraft and all the texture change into white so I had to rename all the textures. but the good news was all the walls and the ground state the same.




is pretty much the same all I did was copy the original level and paste it into a different texture to the art both sides are almost the same it has everything the original DM level had.

the only new thing i added are  music songs.



             dm_golden_gate                ctf_golden_gate           dm_golden_gat_co-op

                                                                                                                                         mission mode



            This is is my first map pack  i made their are three maps in the zip file.

        The maps in this pack are vary big and tall. it also has some new functions in it like rotating doors that open and not fly open creepy like it also has teleport functions so you can teleport to place's

         I fine it better and easier to build the map in valve hammer editor and then open it up in gearcraft and add the textures and the entity's.

i have updated dm_golden_gate_final so for the 3 people that dl the one before plez re down dl the maps.



music disclaimer

the music you here i did not


           make it's form the game